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Happy Chinese New Year!

January 23, 2012

We want to wish all the DishEnviers out there are a Happy Year of the Dragon! Many celebrate by painting their doors red, creating lanterns, attending dragon dances and, most importantly to us, feasting. Should you wish to join the feast, check out some of our favorite Chinese specialties from DishEnvy below.

 Little Pepper, Flushing
Dan Dan Noodles @ Little Pepper. Photo by EricMahlzeit.


Little Pepper, Flushing, Queens, NYC
Whole Fish with Spicy Minced Pork @ Little Pepper
. Photo by EricMahlzeit.


red farm, manhattan, nyc, chinese
Spicy Crispy Beef @ Redfarm. Photo by KatherineK.


Xi'an Famous Foods, Manhattan, East Village, Flushing, Golden Mall, NYC
Liang Pi Cold Skin Noodle @ Xi’an Famous Foods. Photo by JayZygmunt.


New World Mall Food Court, Tian Fu, Flushing, Queens, NYC
Má Là Xiāng Guō @ Tian Fu. Photo by EricMahlzeit.


xiao long bao, joe's shanghai, chinatown, midtown, nyc, manhattan, flushing, queens
Crab Meat w/ Pork Steamed Buns @ Joe’s Shanghai. Photo by JayZygmunt.

Know some other Chinese dishes we should try? Post them on DishEnvy and comment below. Be sure to use the “Chinese” tag for easy searching.

Chinese New Year’s food-related links of interest:

Dragon Dishes: Restaurants with modern takes on Chinese favorites [NY Post]

Eater Maps: A Guide to Chinese New Year’s Specials in NYC [Eater NY]

Or learn to make your own soup dumplings [CitySpoonful]


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